Due to the Senior Citizens Centre not being available on certain dates next year, there are new dates for the following:
The Archiving Day will now be held on Monday 15th January at 10am.
The Volunteers Training Session is now on Monday 22nd January at 10am.
Both at the Senior Citizens Centre.


Community Assistance. Thank you to the members and friends who continue to bring in items for our goodies bags for the less fortunate families in our community. These bags are distributed through recognised agencies. We do collect anything from warm woolly jumpers and rugs to tubes of toothpaste – it all helps somebody. Would anybody like to knit beanies and scarfs for the children?

Something to please all those members who have asked for a ‘traffic’ speaker.  On Friday, 1 November, Andrea Hamilton Vaughan, the Council’s Road and Safety Officer will be the Friday Talks speaker. Andrea would like to hear about our problems too.

Shopping Centre Information Table. Keith Curry is prepared to continue setting up a table once a month in the K-Mart shopping complex, but would  like more assistance.
If class members cannot be rostered on as a group (on a nominated date) it would be wonderful if individuals put their name on the list. The hours are 10am–1pm working in one hour slots. Keith usually takes the last hour. If you can help in October or November have a chat with Keith 6362 3232. A new roster will be prepared for 2018.

February 2018 Roster.  We have learnt a hard lesson last year, trying to arrange an office roster for February, under very short notice. Before the end of term there will be a form in the C L folder asking for volunteers for Information Day and at least three days a week for February in the office.

Updating Information Handbook.  The publication put together for Committee Members some years ago, is due for revision – this time to include information relevant to all members. Do you have suggestions/ideas which would be useful for everybody, such as accident procedure and where to find information to help keep our organisation running smoothly.


Orange is a medium-sized city approximately 260 kms from Sydney. It is well known for apple and stone fruit production, cold climate wines and has many government departments based in the city. Newcrest Mines operates a large gold and copper mine on our doorstep.

The population has reached approximately 41,000 and hosts a campus of Charles Sturt University and is attracting many health professionals because of our excellent hospital system. It is known as the Colour City because of its vibrant autumn colours which mass around the city. There are many organisations of all sizes and interests which offer levels of involvement which attracts all sections of the community.

Orange U3A was started in 1989 and was instrumental in setting up the NSW Council to support the new groups which were starting up within easy travelling distance of Orange and also set up the Public Liability Insurance Scheme. The Council was the forerunner of the NSW U3A network which supports all U3A groups in NSW.

We look forward to your enquiries.