The Term 2, 2018 Newslink is now available in Portable Document Format (pdf) and can be viewed or downloaded via the right hand tab Newslink T2 on this page > click on the pdf file to view it. At the bottom of the file when you hover with your mouse you can view, download or print this document.

WELCOME BACK for another busy and interesting term. A special welcome back to the members who enrolled for the first time this year. We do hope that Orange U3A is meeting all your expectations. The Committee is always looking for new ideas and suggestions for courses, so if you have any fresh ideas, please talk to one of these people (see p.2 for contact names and numbers). One of our biggest difficulties is having many popular courses and the members do not want to change courses, but we would still like to have a few fresh ideas. There are several changes to the Term 2 program – some classes have gone into recess for the winter months, and at least one other has recommenced. Check the information for Art Appreciation (Tuesday) Russian History (Thursday). Only one session for Ipads will be held at Leading Edge each week (Tuesday). Croquet sessions were held during the term break and will not be offered until later in the year when the weather should be more settled. The Tuesday French Conversation Group will continue to meet in the SCC on Tuesday morning each week, except for the actual school holidays (10 weeks) The Crochet term will be for 6 weeks; the same for Ipads. Understandably, positions in the new Monday afternoon Android tablets sessions will be limited. Contact Bev Holland 6362 4744 now, to make a booking.

SPECIAL PARKING TICKETS. These are only for single sessions i.e., have to be returned at the end of your first session for the day. There are only 6 of these temporary permits available, but the members of the SSC Management Committee were told last week that we are not all obeying the rules. Those people who use the concessions, please abide by the rules, even if it means taking the permit back before lunch, and later applying for another if you are staying for an afternoon session. We were told that the next step would be to name the people concerned. That is a concern – please do not let that happen.

THIS WILL BE A BUSY TERM. The Course Leaders Lunch invitations have already been posted to each Course Leader to join the committee members for lunch at Robin Hood Hotel on Friday, 25th May. If the Course Leader will not be available on that day, the invitation should be passed on to the Class Assistant. On that day we will be distributing the updated Course Leader’s Manual which was first produced about 25 years ago when it was very helpful for committee members and course leaders because we were all on a big learning curve. Nothing has really changed, but the time has come to update the information where we all share the tasks to ensure that Orange U3A stays a viable organisation.

POSSIBLE CHANGE OF VENUES. No doubt you have all heard or read the CWD article, that before the end of the financial year, changes will be made by Council re the use of the CISC which will be leased when the staff move to the old HACC Centre. We have been told there is nothing to worry about, but it does mean that our Thursday and Friday classes will have to relocate to another Council venue. Negotiations with Council will begin later in the term. There are a few teething problems at the moment I believe. It is possible that the parking problems could be eased.

IN TERMS 2 & 4 we do not circulate Enrolment Forms, so if you would like to attend one of the courses listed in this news sheet for the first time, the best thing to do, would be to contact the person listed for each course – this could be the Course Leader or an assistant who will take your enrolment or just make yourself known to the Course Leader of the session you would like to attend. Membership of Orange U3A does not mean that you have to limit yourself to one course. You can attend something every day for your annual subscription fee.

REMINDERS. The Orange U3A mobile phone Is not always in the keeping of the same committee member, which means it is possible that person is not up to date with information in past Newslinks. If you do require information, please ring the day before you need important information, so that the phone holder has time to check on details required then call you back. The alternative is to phone the contact person for each class.


Orange is a medium-sized city approximately 260 kms from Sydney. It is well known for apple and stone fruit production, cold climate wines and has many government departments based in the city. Newcrest Mines operates a large gold and copper mine on our doorstep.

The population has reached approximately 41,000 and hosts a campus of Charles Sturt University and is attracting many health professionals because of our excellent hospital system. It is known as the Colour City because of its vibrant autumn colours which mass around the city. There are many organisations of all sizes and interests which offer levels of involvement which attracts all sections of the community.

Orange U3A was started in 1989 and was instrumental in setting up the NSW Council to support the new groups which were starting up within easy travelling distance of Orange and also set up the Public Liability Insurance Scheme. The Council was the forerunner of the NSW U3A network which supports all U3A groups in NSW.

We look forward to your enquiries.