Special Notes

Promoting U3A at the K-Mart Arcade. If your group is asked for two volunteers to help with promotion it involves sitting at a table for one hour to hand out our information flyers to those people who stop to ask questions. 10–11am, 11–12am

Keith will do the final hour 12–1pm. Please assist if you can or contact Keith 6362 3232 to make an offer to assist. Keith has already started the roster for 2018.

A New Slant on History on Fridays has been a revelation to attendees. It is well presented in a Powerpoint slide show reviewing various interesting bits of history such as famous explorer’s before Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth, the rivers and tributaries of western NSW to name two topics. All presented by Elizabeth Griffin, our knowledgeable and entertaining speaker with the odd joke thrown in. Very entertaining.

On Friday 16 February the class were treated to a talk by Historian Elizabeth Griffin on Banjo Paterson, poet, born in Orange. She was interrupted by two professional poets from Lightning Ridge, Susan Carcary originally from central Queensland and Melanie Hall, originally from Scotland, here as part of the Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival, which continued all that week.

They entertained the gathering with wonderful renditions of several famous poems with audience participation. What the two men in the front row did not know was they were part of the script for the poem The Man from Ironbark. Barry Devlin (the short Englishman with Irish and Italian heritage) played the part of the man from ironbark. Barry Jensen (English, German heritage) played the barber. Confusion reigned as they were prompted on the words to say whilst acting the parts. It must have gone down really well as people laughed a lot. The strange thing for Barry Jensen was his father Warwick was a barber for most of his life. The poets had to depart due to another venue and Elizabeth continued on with her audio visual presentation. It was a very entertaining class all round.