Term 4 Program

Venue Abbreviations

Art Gallery Adjoining Orange Library, Byng Street.
ASR Art Society Rooms, Cultural Centre in Woolworths car park.  Use door nearest to Harris Farm Markets and Orange Arcade.
Church of Christ Corner Rawle Avenue and Burrendong Way.
CISC Community Information and Services Centre,
79 Kite Street (entry via Woolworths car park).
Next door to SCC.
MRHC Marsden Rural History Centre, Railway Station, entry from car park.  The centre is the second door on left on platform.
OCCC Orange City Creative Centre, bridge end of Peisley Street. Carefully cross the railway line and the Centre is the multi-storey building with a large orange circle on display. A lift is available if required.
ORC Orange Regional Conservatorium, 73a Hill Street (driveway almost opposite car wash).
SCC Senior Citizens Centre, 77 Kite Street (entry via ramp from Woolworths car park).
Monday Forum  SCC. 10am. 9 and 16 October, Local broadcasters (107.5 and ABC)
23rd. Special session with Department of Fair Trading, following all the publicity being given to entry into retirement homes/units lately and other scams.
Contact: Cecily Butcher 6362 6818.
Armchair Travel SCC. 10am.
30 October Ray Norman and Mac Percy Italy
6 November Helen Nicol Antarctica and Galapagos Islands. Contact:  Ray Norman 6361 4385.
Pencil Drawing SCC. 1.30-3.30pm. Still one of our most popular programs. Course Leader:  Lynne Atkins 6362 4018
French a la Gare (Conversation) MRHC. 9.30am. Unfortunately cannot take new members at the present time.
Contact: Diana Vivers 6369 1152.
Beginner’s French SCC. 1-30–2.30pm. Not many people have dropped out of this class so it would not be possible to enrol new members.
Course Leader: Christiane Rondeau 0417 257 684.
Beginner’s Spanish SCC. 2.45–3.45pm. First three weeks of term only. Course Leader: Tina Ford  0402 690 675.
Painting For Fun ASR. 1.30pm. Have fun with pastels, acrylics and any medium you choose.
Contact: Ray Norman 6361 4385.
Music Appreciation Church of Christ. 1.30pm. Something
different every week with relative notes by Leader, Ruth Harrison. Resuming 10 October.
Contact: Bev Holland 6362 4744.
Art Appreciation Cancelled for this term only.
Beginners Bridge 27 Sampson Street, 2–4pm.
Course Leader: Hennie Moore 6361 1479.
iPads HACC Centre, 10am. This is a very popular course so numbers are always limited.
Contact: Bev Holland 6362 4744 for more information.
Geology SCC. 11am. Will resume 10 October.
Contact: Derek Dolstra 6361 4872.
Russian History 10 Amana Circuit, 10am. No new members this term. Resuming 10 October.
Contact: Diane Melville 0428 494 932. 
Lively Discussion Group SCC. 10–11am.  Another popular program where there is always an opportunity to join in with the wide-ranging topics for discussion on the day.
Course Leader: Keith Curry 6362 3232.
Decoding Cryptic Crosswords SCC. 10.30am–12noon. Still a very popular group and beginners are always welcome.
Course Leader: Gillian Baxter 6360 2524.
Card and Board Games SCC. 1–4pm.  Including Bolivia, Canasta, Mahjong (using reference books by Patricia Thompson and Betty Maloney), 500 and Scrabble.
Contact: Marilyn Prusiak 6362 9744.
Advanced Ipads Venue to be advised, 10.30am.
Contact: Bev Holland 6362 4744.
Creative Writing CISC. 10.30am. An enthusiastic group of people who like to write and take turns running the class, setting an exercise and homework each week. New members are always welcome. The class’ ‘Moving Finger’ 2017 edition will be launched at the end of term.
Course Leaders: Rosemary Curry 6362 3232 and Janette Giffin 6369 0767.
Recorder Consort Church of Christ. 1.30–2.30pm.
Here again the members are very busy at this time of the year visiting and playing at retirement homes.
The Variety Concert in September was another enjoyable occasion for the group and their musical friends. Course Leader: Ruth Harrison 6365 3250.
Literature Group CISC.  2–4pm. Each week provides something different – novel study fortnightly, poetry one week each term plus short stories, micro-fiction and essays.  Course Leaders: Joan Coote 6361 4601
and Sue Adams 6361 0096.
Turning The Tide: Senior Sustainability OCCC. Alternate weeks commencing
12 October.
 Group looking at new topic subjects for 2018. New members welcome.
Course Leader: Cilla Kinross 6365 7651 for recommended book for reading.
Greeting Card Making 27 Sampson Street. 9.30am–12noon.
First Thursday monthly. Arrangements to be made regarding meeting dates this term.
Basic materials can be purchased on the day.
Course Leader: Hennie Moore 6361 1479 for dates.
Crochet for Beginners SCC. 10am. No new members this term.
Course Leader: Charlene Sly 0409 245 707.
Contact: Bev Holland 6362 4744.
Local History SCC. 2–4pm. This term we will be learning about district history area and buildings. So far we have covered the villages of Lyndhurst, Carcoar, Blayney and Junction Reefs.
Course Leader: Elizabeth Griffin 6361 1920.
Friday Socials Meet at the venue. 10 am. On the second Friday
of each month we meet at a local café for coffee and
a chat.
13 October, Kate Jones, Moulder Street.
8 November, Sonic, Sale Street, (opposite Cultural Centre). To save walking up the steps, use the car driveway entrance.  This is a good excuse to get to know new members. Contact: Helen Williams
6365 0665 or Lesley Rodgers to make a booking
($5 refunded on the day).
Friday Talks SCC, 10am start with a cup of tea. It is amazing just how much community information we gather from these sessions.
27 October,  Alison Logan from Headspace – a group working with people with mental health problems aged 12–25.
3 November, Andrea Hamilton Vaughan, Council’s Traffic Officer. Contact: Eileen Holtz 6361 4396.
Ukulele Groups ORC. Friday 10.30am, Saturday 10 am. Our members can join either morning groups with the ORC students. Contact:  Lee Britton  6362 4206