Latest News

THANK YOU to the course leaders who attended the special meeting at the end of last term. Your attendance will make putting the 2018 program together much easier and finished before the end of the year. If you have not already done so, please give your details to the Course Co-ordinator, before the end of this term. By having this meeting at the end of Term 3, means that in future we should only need two course leaders meeting each year, instead of the 4 envisaged when these meeting were first planned. That should save us having to attend another meeting or two.

ARCHIVING DAY. Over recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about old U3A photos, articles etc. (the older members must be sorting out cupboards and boxes) We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in early 2019, so it has been decided to have a day in the U3A office early in the new year to start sorting and marking some of these pictures. If anybody would like to join us, please diary the date – SCC, 8 January 10am.

INFORMATION DAY. To make this day run more smoothly, there will be more helpers rostered on the table at the City Centre. If you can spare an hour or two after 9.00am, please talk to Cecily or Jenny Solling or see form in Course Leaders folder, so that a roster can be finalised before the end of term.

NOTE FOR COURSE LEADERS AND CLASS ASSISTANTS. Please keep checking the class envelopes for updated information for all members, even if it is only to remind them about term dates. This is the only way the committee can get important information to members.

DATES FOR 2018. We still seem to be losing time at a great rate. Following are the important diary dates for January and February. Enrolment Day, 25 January at the City Centre, next year starting at 9.30am which will hopefully make the day flow more smoothly. The reason why we have two similar days close together is that if people want more information about the courses, they are invited to the Open Day, 31 January at the Senior Citizens Centre. Obviously it is not possible to have all our course leaders present at the City Centre.

For current members, your new name badge will be available on both days, so please allow a few minutes extra to collect your badge.


  1. Art Appreciation has been cancelled for this term to give Brenda Gray more time to recover after surgery. Best wishes from the Group to Brenda.
  2. Derek Dolstra will start Geology sessions again on Tuesday, 10 October, 11am.
  3. Crochet classes will continue at SCC, Friday 10.00am.

With best wishes to all members for a very happy and relaxing
Christmas Season with family and friends and send the problems packing.