Term 2&3, Welcome

Greetings U3A friends,
Did you know that we have a printer/photocopier available for course notes and instructions and it is free when the office is open?
Thank you to the course leaders and class assistants who have faithfully followed the instructions from Orange City Council regarding the current COVID-19 regulations about recording, on a separate sheet (with the OC logo), the name and contact details for everybody who attends your sessions. This is the sheet which you have been asked to take home at the end of your session. Luckily we have not had any real COVID-19 cases in Orange, but like the rest of the community, we need to be aware of possible problems.
Unfortunately several of you leave the form in your folder, so I check on Friday afternoon and when I find forms put them in my suitcase to keep, as requested, for several weeks – the length of time, it takes for COVID-19 problems to show up.
We know it is a real pest to have to sign three times before we commence classes, (the Council’s form in the hallway and another with the attendance book in the room) but it is better to be sure than sorry under the circumstances.
Please make sure that you read all the notes which are put in your folders from time to time because it is an important way of keeping in touch with one another.

Cecily Butcher, President, on behalf of Orange U3A Committee members.