Term 1 Welcome

Notes from the President
Hurray, we are now on Facebook. It is called U3A Orange and can be found on Facebook by searching for it.
You need to apply to Michelle Holland the Administrator as it is a private site for members. Thanks Michelle.
Welcome to a new year and I hope that it will be a good year for all. Now that the celebrations of Christmas and New Year are behind us and we move into all the adventures that a new year brings. Before we start back we will have Australia Day. From my records it did not become a nationwide celebration until 1935. Originally, the anniversary was not recognised and deemed unimportant until 1808. This was when a small group gathered together to “celebrate their love of the land they lived in”. Sadly this message has been lost and it has taken on other meanings. We live together in this land. Please enjoy it and if you get a chance explore it. It’s great! Have a good year and enjoy the best of health – Elizabeth