Term 1, Welcome

Greetings U3A Friends

A new year, a new decade and new plans for our U3A. Last year we started working under a new system to become more proficient by having the Committee working in small groups to ensure that every position will have a second person familiar with another role and be able to step into the action very easily if the need arises. In recent years, we have had some concern about people who become members, enrol in a particular course but do not attend any course at all. This has happened in past years too, but recently appears to have become a problem for us. Are we offering the right classes each year?

For other people who attend a class or two, then do not darken our doors again, r
aises another problem which is becoming a big concern. Ideal classes for our U3A Group is 10–15 people, but when numbers drop to three or four, it is time to worry about where to go from there. As you will see, we do need more help with planning future courses. I do thank the people who did raised concerns during 2019, which were overcome to everybody’s satisfaction. With best wishes to you all for another happy U3A year.

See page 1 for Enrolment and Open Day dates. The term commences on Monday 10 February. Games start 15 January. Best wishes to you all for another enjoyable U3A year.

Cecily Butcher, President