Special Notes

Short and to the point . . . a brief summary from the Orange U3A Lively Discussion Group when they discussed:

Term 4 topics discussed by the Lively Discussion Group were:
Our generation leaves behind a number of major concerns and problems for younger generations
LIST as many of these as your group comes up with.
The LONG list included: over-population; climate change; over-use of precious resources; creation of waste, especially plastics; extensive land-clearing; some aspects of technology and their over-use by young people; greed and a sense of entitlement; nuclear proliferation; rising sea-levels; ocean pollution and over-fishing; a possible future pandemic.
Q. Try to identify the TOP 3 concerns from your list.
1. This was a real challenge, but it seemed that over-population; overuse of resources and general waste; AND climate change emerged as the top 3 concerns.
2. Should we be optimistic, pessimistic or realistic about humankind’s FUTURE?
3. As expected, there was a mixed response to this question. I suspect that many of us FLUCTUATE between all 3, depending on the day’s latest news!!!!!?????!!!!!????
CONCLUSION: This proved to be one of our more CHALLENGING topics, and probably created some discomfort during the discussions. It should be interesting to re-visit this same topic in a year’s time!

What’s happening in the Amazon?
Q. Can you summarise  the main changes taking place in the Amazon?
A. The long list includes: extensive land clearing … deforestation; deliberate burning of large areas; genocide of indigenous tribes and culture disruption; cleared land used to grow soybeans, pasture and palm oil.
Q. Should these changes be seen as an international concern? Why ?
A. Definitely YES!  The Amazon is regarded as an important part of “the lungs of the earth”, and supplies 20% of the world’s oxygen, back into the atmosphere.
Q. Land clearing in Australia is NOT a real concern. Do you agree? Why?
A. Extensive land clearing must be seen as a real concern .
Australia has the oldest and most fragile soils. Vegetation is needed to hold soil in place, and building houses on prime agriculture land is becoming a real concern. Our native flora and fauna need large areas in order to survive, and the impact of mining on the landscape and water supplies is also a concern.
CONCLUSION: Extensive land clearing in all parts of the world should be seen as a real concern, but especially in the Amazon. This is a topic that our group will probably re-visit in 2020.  One member of our group probably summed it up best by stating: “Conservation rather than exploitation.”