About Us

Course Leaders/Tutors do not have to be highly trained professional people. The majority of Course Leaders in Orange are people who have a long interest in a particular subject.

U3As are self-help education organisations for retired or semi-retired men and women.

There is no education standard for people wishing to join a U3A worldwide.
Highly trained university people are just as welcome as those who left school early.

Nobody receives payment whether they be Course Leaders (Tutors) or office bearers.

Members pay an annual subscription to cover:
• Public Liability Insurance
• Copyright, APBA and Screenright Licenses
• Administrative costs – printing/postage etc.
• Venue hire, etc.

There are no exams and no awards. Only two of the courses offered by Orange U3A have a little homework – Contemporary novels and Creative Writing.

Orange U3A offers two or three courses every week day. All class are held during the day.

Most of the classes are held indoors but outside excursions are held several times each year.

Courses are offered in 4 terms during the year to allow members to take a break during school holidays, although several classes are held during the term breaks.

People joining after the end of Term 3 receive free membership for the following year.

Low Cost

Course Leaders provide their time and services free of charge. This allows us to keep our fees (currently $35 per single person or $60 for a married couple) to a minimum.

As a member, you are entitled to attend as few or as many courses as you wish for the same low fee, and our Newsletters will keep you up to date with Course details and other activities.

Centrally Located

Most of our classes are conducted in the central CBD in the pleasant surroundings of the Orange Senior Village Hub, 77 Kite Street.
(entry via Woolworths car park)








U3A Orange – Seniors on the Move